What makes Bay Life Pharmacy different?

What ever happened to the community family pharmacy? A place to go when you need healthcare or advice, but want someone you can trust. What ever happened to going into a business where they know your name, greet you with a smile, and are not in a rush just to get rid of you? Today’s cookie cutter box store pharmacy chain on every corner gives you the convenience of getting hair spray, toilet paper, a 12 pack, and your blood pressure medication all at one time. There is something wrong with inconsistency, instability, and suggestive sales in healthcare. No I don’t need a bag of Doritos, nor am I interested in inflatable alligators while my child is snot nosed and cranky while you tell me it will be 45 minutes to an hour wait. FOR WHAT? What happened to MY pharmacist (not a rotating body, but a respectable figure in the community) showing compassion and getting me and my walking infection home in a timely manner? I know this sounds crazy, but how about a lollypop?

The human element in healthcare fields is trickling out of society as fast as the raging rivers flow from the mountains to the sea. We first are so addicted to being “social” by forms of media that we have forgotten what human care and interaction can heal. Has a hug ever lifted you when you were down? I just don’t get that feeling when I receive a smiling emoji. I almost fell out of my chair the other day, when my community pharmacy called me and it was an actual real human on the other side of the line and not a robot letting me know that the medication I asked to be put back in stock, that I didn’t need or order was ready. Press one to repeat this message.

I feel that many times as small companies grow into large corporations located on each corner of every state in America they tend to lose touch with what made them great. We all joined the field to help our patients, thankfully there are still a few “Mom” and “Pop” places around that actually care, show compassion, and assist in making life easier on a daily basis. I urge you to find these businesses and support the practices that take the time to care for you. They do not get any extra reimbursement from insurance companies or government plans for any extra steps they take. Spread the word about these providers, you can make a difference by changing the “norm”. Support the community and not the chain.

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