Bay Life Pharmacy can customize how your medications are packaged to fit your lifestyle.

Everyone is unique with special circumstances, particularly when it comes to pharmacy needs.

We recognize this and have become a leader in

listening to you and your physician in designing

a free program just for you.

Bay Life can provide the standard vial packaging which has been done for years. However, in today’s environment, people have become more mobile and live in many different types of situations. Bearing that in mind, Bay Life Pharmacy has created personalized services to offer special packaging which makes taking medications far less complicated and much safer. We will also deliver it straight to your home!

Norhan Mesih

My name is Norhan Mesih. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. My interest in the pharmacy profession came from my desire to be involved with the improvement of others’ health. I am devoted to caring for other people. I graduated from the school of pharmacy at Alexandria University in 2011. I started working as a pharmacist in Rania Pharmacy as pharmacy manager. As I am interested in sales and marketing when I moved to New York in 2012, I started in a boutique in Manhattan as a manager, while I was working on getting my Pharmacy license. Then, I moved to Florida in 2014 to start my internship in a compounding pharmacy. I became a certified pharmacist in Florida in 2015, and I joined the Bay Life family. I enjoy working at Bay Life because our main concern at the pharmacy is always the customer’s well-being and satisfaction.

Nick Talarico

Registered pharmacist with Bay Life Pharmacy III in Largo, Florida.  Nick attended pharmacy school at The University of Charleston, WV and earned a PharmD degree in 2014. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Niagara University, NY.   Fully versed in Medication therapy management and assisted living facility services.  Nick has been with Bay Life Pharmacy for over four years and is the Pharmacist in charge at the East Bay drive location.  Personal interests include golf, hockey, fitness, and sports cars. 


Seth McClellan

I am a third generation pharmacist graduating from the University of Florida with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in May 2014. I have been in or around independent pharmacies my entire life. Prior to pharmacy school, I helped establish a compounding lab in an existing retail pharmacy in Ocala, which is still in operation. During my clerkship year at UF I was one of 20 students accepted into the Shands Block, which allowed me to do all of my rotations at Shands Hospital, where I gained an enormous amount of clinical knowledge and experience. I have been the pharmacist in charge of Bay Life II since December 2014 where I am able to compound as well as practice retail pharmacy. Prior to joining Bay Life, I was a pharmacist at Walgreens Pharmacy.

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